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Introducing QRZARGoS - QRZ Amateur Radio Group of East Sussex

Welcome to the homepages of the QRZ Amateur Radio Group of East Sussex. Our club rooms are located at the site of the former Royal Greenwich Observatory.

About Us

We are not a radio club in the ordinary sense of a club. Instead we are a group of radio amateurs sharing an interest in taking our hobby to the public, with the aim of encouraging others to join us in this fascinating hobby. We meet each Tuesday at 7.30pm at our shack, in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle. In addition we work closely with the Observatory Science Centre, adjacent to our shack, by running special events on their Open Evenings and during school holiday periods. We hold a permanent Special Event Callsign, GB2RGO, to commemorate the site being used by the Royal Greenwich Observatory when it moved from London in the 1950’s (the London site is the Royal Observatory at Greenwich).Many of our members have interests in radio astronomy, which they use to supplement our events, giving talks on Solar, Jovian and Meteor astronomy as well as satellite tracking and observation. .

During the Autumn Term of 2015 and the Spring Term of 2016 members of our group worked with pupils from St. Richards Catholic College, Bexhill, preparing them for their successful contact with Major Tim Peake in the International Space Station. The training included all aspects of radio and satellites and included hands-on construction in readiness for the Radio Society of Great Britain’s ‘Build-a-Thon’ associated with the ISS contact event. Several of the pupils passed their Foundation Licence Exam and some have joined our group to further their interest in amateur radio. We enjoy entering contests and hold the special contest call – Golf Zero Delta. We have been awarded several certificates for our achievements. If you would like to know more about our group and our activities please email us at: info@qrzargos.org

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The Clubrooms

We are located in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, which is owned by Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada, and used as an International Study Centre (several of the university’s students have taken up the hobby after visiting us!). The shack Equipment comprises of mainly Yaesu tranceivers FT817,847,857,897 and an FT991. We also have various SDR receivers for decoding sat signals all coupled into an extensive antenna system. We have a 40ft mast and rotator on site with HF beam for 10-20 meters and a 10 element beam for 2 meters. For satellite coms we have a Vhf/Uhf pair of az-el circular polarized beams. Hf vertical, doublet and 6 meter dedicated antennas complete the line up.


After the Second World War the Royal Observatory at Greenwich began suffering from light and atmospheric pollution and it was decided to relocate to our site at Sussex. To keep a link with the site in London, King George issued a Royal Decree naming the new observatory the Royal Greenwich Observatory, allowing the site in London to retain the title of Royal Observatory, Greenwich.


The site initially housed 6 telescope domes and other buildings, with a 7th dome added at a later date. Our shack was constructed to serve as the meteorological station for the astronomers. It also housed one of the first satellite tracking stations (using a kinetheodolite – a theodolite with camera attached) and was the first site to enclose its equipment in a white glass-fibre dome. The site was closed down in the 1990’s and the area containing the original six telescope domes was leased by Science Projects Ltd and is today run as a hands-on Science Centre for schools and the public.


Since the introduction of the three licence levels our group has helped many people achieve success in all three OfCom examinations. Whilst we offer training for all levels, we do not run courses over set dates..

Instead we prefer to offer training, carried out on an informal basis, allowing candidates to proceed at their own pace, setting exam dates only when a candidate feels sufficiently confident to attempt the exam. For more information on the training offered by our group please contact us via: training@qrzargos.org .


990 Digital Street, New Forest Area, San Francisco, CA 10660